Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Convert images in Black & White

Drinking cat - B&W image - photo by
A B&W image by Claudio Todaro
Most of us love black & white pictures, they are part of our memories and an artistic expression. How can we transform the pictures from our digital camera to B&W?
The first and quickest way is to set our camera in B&W mode, this is quick, this works but has a very important down side, it is difficult to add the colours later on.
My opinion is to have the chance to choose the best between two different kind of pictures instead to have just one of them.

The other more effective way is to use one of the many photo editing software (GIMP, Photoshop, Elements...) to change the "Saturation" value to "-100" (zero -  this value is related to the software in use).
Please find an example below.

                                               Before                                                After
Saturation setting to trasform a colour image in B&W - photo by ClaudioTodaro.comSaturation setting to trasform a colour image in B&W - photo by

Once the "Saturation" has been set then we can change other parameters such as "Exposure", "Temperature", "Tint" and "Contrast", accordingly with the actual image and our personal taste.

For example, moving the "Tint" cursor/value from one side to the other we will notice how the density of the image increase or decrease.

Please find below the final result of the above example:

Brighton in B&W - photo by
B&W from colour image - photo by Claudio Todaro

I hope you enjoyed this simple and short article related to B&W image conversion.
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